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U.S. Notary Reference

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U.S. Notary Reference Manual

A Guide to Notarization Requirements for All U.S. States and Jurisdictions by Charles N. Faerber

Your one-of-a-kind reference source that provides definitive, complete and up-to-date information on Notary procedures throughout the country:

  • Authorized and unauthorized acts
  • Notary procedures, fees, disqualifications and recordkeeping requirements
  • Notary seal specifications and samples
  • Notary certificate wording requirements
  • Wording for oaths and affirmations
  • Citations of state laws, regulations, court cases and official directives
  • Provisions for electronic signatures/documents that affect notarization
  • Authentication procedures for notarial acts
  • How to find a particular Notary and how to obtain a Notary's records


Appendix 1: Table of Enactment of Model and Uniform Laws (2011)
Appendix 1A: Model Notary Act (2010)
Appendix 1B: Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts (2010)
Appendix 2: Uniform Law on Notarial Acts (1982)
Appendix 3: Uniform Recognition of Acknowledgments Act (1968)
Appendix 4: Uniform Acknowledgment Act (1939, Amended 1960)
Appendix 5: Uniform Foreign Acknowledgments Act (1914)
Appendix 6: Uniform Acknowledgments Act (1892)
Appendix 7: Hague Convention on Authentication (1961)

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