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Notary Laws

Notary Law Updates By State

Use this database to find updated Notary laws and regulations in your state or jurisdiction.

Notary Law Designates Notary legislation that has become law
Notary Regulation Designates a Notary administrative regulation or rule

LawAug  01,  2016  - Louisiana
LA House Bill 456 - House Bill 456 clarifies that a nonattorney Notary may have his or her commission suspended or revoked for officially certifying as true what the Notary knew or should have known was false. It also gives the Secretary of State the option of contacting the Attorney General or district attorney of revocation proceedings against a Notary who has been convicted of a felony or failed to be registered as a voter in the Notary's parish.

LawJul  15,  2016  - Kentucky
KY Senate Bill 214 - Senate Bill 214 removes the statutory maximum fees Notaries may charge in favor of letting Notaries establish their own fees and expands the provision prohibiting Notary fees to individuals or their dependents who have served in the armed services, as specified.

LawJul  15,  2016  - Kentucky
KY House Bill 420 - House Bill 420 allows a parent or guardian to delegate temporary custody of a minor child by signing and having notarized a Power of Attorney for Temporary Delegation of Parental or Legal Custody and Care.

LawJul  15,  2016  - Kentucky
KY Senate Bill 103 - Senate Bill 103 allows any adult of sound mind to sign a declaration concerning funeral services, ceremonies and disposition of remains after death that must be acknowledged before a Notary or other notarial officer.

LawJul  01,  2016  - Virginia
VA House Bill 189 - House Bill 189 allows a Notary to accept a U.S. passport book or card as identification and requires any ID presented to a Notary to be unexpired.

LawJul  01,  2016  - Florida
FL Senate Bill 112 - Senate Bill 112 changes the term "absentee" in reference to election ballots to "vote by mail" and reaffirms the current policy that a Notary may not charge a fee for notarizing a vote by mail ballot.

LawJul  01,  2016  - South Dakota
Senate Bill 49 - Senate Bill 49 raises the fee for a certificate issued by the Secretary of State with the great seal of South Dakota from $5 to $25, including an apostille or certificate of authority for a notarized document.

LawJul  01,  2016  - Iowa
IA Senate File 2111 - Senate File 2111 exempts a peace officer or a certified law enforcement officer from having to use an official stamp when administering an oath or taking the acknowledgment of a signature.

RuleJul  01,  2016  - Virginia
VA Administrative Rule (Settlement Agents - The State Corporation Commission has revised its settlement agent rules and clarified that NSAs who handle funds in connection with a loan signing assignment or real estate closing must be licensed as a settlement agent.

LawJul  01,  2016  - Mississippi
MS Senate Bill 2493 - Senate Bill 2493 allows a parent or legal guardian of a child to delegate to another person parental care and custody of the child by signing and having notarized a properly-executed power of attorney.

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