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Oregon New-Law Update

September 9, 2013

In this informative half-hour webinar you’ll learn about the new requirements created by Oregon House Bill 2834. This new law makes extensive changes to Oregon’s Notary laws and procedures effective September 1, 2013.

Learn what you need to know to comply with Oregon's new requirements and how to incorporate them into your everyday practices.

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NNA Seminar Instructor Susi Sivkov has taught Notary law classes nationwide for over five years, and currently facilitates over 125 seminars each year.

Topics covered:

  • Additional types of acceptable identification documents and requirements
  • Changes to the identification requirement for credible witness
  • New requirements for your journal and official Notary stamp
  • And learn about the new additions to Oregon Notary laws — Electronic Notarizations and Signature by Proxy.

Oregon New-Law Update Facebook Discussion Thread

Join your fellow Oregon Notaries in this webinar for a discussion on the new-law updates.

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