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Determine if ID is Acceptable

Some states specify the types of ID a Notary may accept to identify a signer. Most states, however, leave the determination of an ID's suitability up to the Notary.

If your state does not specify what ID signers may use, the NNA recommends the Notary ask for identification documents issued by the state or federal government that contain a photograph, a physical description and the bearer’s signature. These elements provide a basis for comparison with the actual physical appearance and signature of the person requesting the notarization.

Common identification documents allowed by states for notarization include: state driver's licenses and non-drivers IDs; passports; federal IDs such as military identification cards, state, county and local government IDs; and lawful permanent resident cards (often called "green cards"). Be sure to familiarize yourself with and follow your state's laws addressing acceptable signer identification.

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