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4 Reasons Why Veterans Make Great Notaries

U.S. Navy veteran Luke Eastman shares his thoughts about why vets make great Notaries.

Updated 5-21-19. As a veteran of the U.S. Navy, I appreciate the challenges former service personnel face transitioning into civilian life. I went from arming fighter-bombers and jets on the USS Enterprise to launching a business as a mobile Notary.

While veterans and Notaries share many values, such as trustworthiness, dependability and a dedication to protecting the public, ex-members of the armed forces often need help making the transition. Currently, about 370,000 veterans are unemployed and approximately 270,000 service personnel are discharged every year.

Here are 4 primary reasons why becoming a Notary is a great idea for veterans:

  1. Attention to Detail

    From the very first day in boot camp, veterans have been drilled over and over again about paying attention to detail. In the military, a forgotten detail could mean the loss of life. This plays right into the responsibilities of Notaries who must be aware of multiple types of forms and where people need to sign and initial pages. One missed signature or initial could mean thousands of dollars in legal fees to the Notary, as well as the signer. Additionally, properly identifying the person who needs a document notarized is critical in reducing fraudulent transactions.
  2. Ability to Analyze Information

    Veterans are accustomed to performing and making decisions in rapidly shifting circumstances. Notaries also work in an ever-changing environment where they may be faced with new laws and compliance expectations. Mobile Notaries also often find themselves in situations where they have to assess a situation and make effective decisions. Examples of this are: developing good relationships with vendors, experiencing different cultures and dealing with poorly informed signers. Veterans develop strong problem-solving skills and are able to adapt to changing situations effectively. This brings us to our next reason:
  3. Adaptability

    Julie Brickley, owner of Signed-N-Sealed Mobile Notary Service in Colorado Springs, says that adaptability is critical. Brickley served in the U.S. Navy for eight years as a Cryptology Technician (CT), and constantly moved from one duty station to another, forcing her to adjust efficiently to brand new environments. She used those skills to build a thriving Notary business, and when the housing bubble burst, Brickley promptly researched options for adding other client services and expanding her business beyond loan signings. Now a large percentage of her business comes from assignments outside real estate markets. She also has 3 other professional Notaries working with her to better serve their community.
  4. Mental Toughness

    Veterans are accustomed to working in difficult conditions, yet they usually have a positive, mission-focused energy and strong work ethic. They also have a profound sense of duty. Our veterans are known around the world as credentialed, professional and proven peak performers.

Daniel Lewis of Carmel, Indiana, is the founder of Lewis Notary Services Inc., a nationwide mobile Notary service. He also teaches Notary best practices and is the NNA’s 2010 Notary of the Year.

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John Atkinson

23 Mar 2015

Additionally, the longer you stay in the military and the higher your rank, the more time you spend on paperwork. It is constantly being inspected and it will be right. Any errors can have a major impacted on your unit (I was ordering 1000 gals of fuel and got paint instead because I put the wrong stack numbers on the order form). I joke that I spent 20 years in the Army training to be a NSA without realizing it.

Arlene McGee

23 Mar 2015

John - Thank you for your service! Best of luck with your Notary commission.

Linda Peacher

23 Mar 2015

I am also a Navy veteran (20 years), also was a CT, and as a Cryptologic Technician you also hold a very high security clearance, so you can be sure we keep information confidential, and you have to be accurate in your work so that the classified information stays secure. As a legal assistant and notary, I have an excellent military background to draw from.

Martin E. Salinas

09 Nov 2015

Very glad to hear that you support our Veterans. To that end, wouldn't it be a nice gesture to offer the "Medal of Honor" Journal free of charge to those Veterans who are Notaries, me included??!! Just sayinnnnn , let's see how much support there actually is.... :-)

Jo Ann Stringfield

08 Jun 2018

I hope you offer the how-to-start a business workshop again. My husband & I are veterans, as are adult daughters -- one of whom is a reservist/at home mom, and might be a great fit for a mobile notary business, too. If held, is the workshop "separate" from the conference? A newcomer exploring the option may not want to pay conference fees as part of exploring options.

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