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Notary Laws

Notary Law Updates By State

Use this database to find updated Notary laws and regulations in your state or jurisdiction.

Notary Law Designates Notary legislation that has become law
Notary Regulation Designates a Notary administrative regulation or rule

LawJul  01,  2013  - Iowa
IA Senate File 452 - SF 452 clarifies that a Notary may complete a notarial certificate if any of 4 stated rules governing the certificate listed in the statute apply, and that if a Notary’s seal contains the words “My Commission Expires” followed by a blank line, the Notary must write in the expiration date of the Notary’s commission. SB 452 also makes technical changes to other statutes throughout the Iowa Code, but these changes do not alter the substance or meaning of these statutes.

LawJul  01,  2013  - Wisconsin
WI Assembly Bill 40 (2013) - Wisconsin AB 40 raises the fees Notaries may charge for a notarial act to a maximum of $5.

LawJun  01,  2013  - Maryland
MD House Bill 102 - House Bill 102 authorizes the clerk of the circuit court to charge up to $11 for the commission issued to a Notary Public, as prescribed by the Secretary of State, and authorizes the Secretary of State by rule to set fees Notaries may charge for a notarial act at no more than $4.

LawMay  30,  2013  - Florida
FL House Bill 841 - HB 841 clarifies that a Notary may sign a power of attorney on behalf of a principal who is unable to sign by using the procedures in F.S. 117.05(14).

LawMay  25,  2013  - Mississippi
MS House Bill 928 - House Bill 928 creates a “scrivener’s affidavit” for the purpose of correcting certain errors in documents affecting the title to real property that are recorded with a county recorder. The scrivener’s affidavit is required to be sworn and acknowledged before a Notary or notarial officer.

LawMay  14,  2013  - Utah
UT House Bill 47 - House Bill 47 clarifies that a Notary Public who performs loan signings within the state of Utah is not required to be licensed as an escrow agent, but also adds that only a licensed escrow agent may explain documents connected with the sale, transfer, encumbering, or leasing of real property.

LawMay  10,  2013  - Nevada
NV Assembly Bill 192 - Assembly Bill 192 allows the additional surcharge of $5 per Notary bond filed with a county clerk to remain in effect indefinitely.

LawApr  22,  2013  - Arkansas
AR Senate Bill 821 - Senate Bill 821 was enacted in response to documented instances of fraud related to the filing of referendum and initiative petitions in 2012 and classifies certain misconduct by Notaries as Class A misdemeanors.

LawApr  22,  2013  - Hawaii
Senate Bill 891 - Senate Bill 891 allows the Attorney General to adjust the fees for issuing a new or renewal Notary commission through the administrative rule process. The bill also puts the requirement for the Notary’s commission ID number to appear in the seal into statute and allows the Attorney General to administratively fine a Notary if the Notary’s seal does not contain the commission ID number.

LawApr  11,  2013  - North Dakota
ND House Bill 1207 - House Bill 1207 “cleans up” some rough edges in the aftermath of North Dakota’s enactment of the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts, specifically related to reciprocity and seal provisions.

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