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MD House Bill 636


State: Maryland
Signed: April 24, 2023

Effective: October 01, 2023
Chapter: 107

House Bill 636 authorizes the Notary's business e-mail address to be public information and if the Notary doesn't have one, the Notary's personal e-mail address.
Amends ACM, General Provisions, Sections 4-101, 4-313, and 4-331-4-333.
  1. Permits public disclosure of the Notary Public's business e-mail address or, if a business e-mail address is not provided to the custodian by the Notary, the Notary's personal e-mail address that is provide on an application for a commission.
  2. Makes technical changes.

Section 4-332 of ACM, General Provisions, provides rules as to the information about a Notary Public that is a matter of public record and that which is not. House Bill 636 expressly permits public disclosure of a Notary’s business e-mail address, if the Notary actually provides it to the Secretary of State. If the Notary does not, then HB 636 would allow disclosure of the Notary’s personal email address. Given this new law, it would behoove each Maryland Notary to designate a specific business e-mail address so that their personal email address is not made public.

Read House Bill 636.