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Notary Laws

Notary Law Updates By State

Use this database to find updated Notary laws and regulations in your state or jurisdiction.

Notary Law Designates Notary legislation that has become law
Notary Regulation Designates a Notary administrative regulation or rule

LawOct  05,  2013  - California
CA Assembly Bill 1159 - AB 1159 establishes hefty penalties for translating into another language the terms “Notary” or “Notary Public” by a nonattorney. While the Government Code has had a similar provision on the books for quite some time, the effect of AB 1159 is to make the literal translation of these terms punishable under Business and Professions Code Section 6126(a), the statute penalizing a violation of the unauthorized practice of law by nonattorneys as a misdemeanor.

LawOct  01,  2013  - Montana
MT House Bill 252 - House Bill 252 transfers the duty of storing Notary journals from the county clerks to the Secretary of State.

LawOct  01,  2013  - Maryland
MD Senate Bill 190 - Senate Bill 190 authorizes a state senator to delegate the responsibility of endorsing Notary applications of constituents in the senator’s district to the Secretary of State.

LawOct  01,  2013  - Connecticut
CT Senate Bill 829 - SB 829 makes it a class D felony for anyone who engages in the unauthorized practice of law without having a license to practice law.

LawOct  01,  2013  - Nevada
NV Senate Bill 419 - SB 419 authorizes Notaries Public in good standing with the Secretary of State to apply for a certificate of permission to perform marriages with the clerk of the county in which the Notary resides. Upon being granted a certificate, the Notary may perform marriages for any couple who presents a valid marriage license issued by any clerk of a Nevada county. In addition, SB 419 allows Notaries to apply with the county clerk up to five times per year to perform a specific marriage. The authority to perform a specific marriage would be for those Notaries who have not applied for a certificate of permission to perform marriage ceremonies.

LawOct  01,  2013  - Connecticut
CT House Bill 5513 - HB 5513 sets restrictions on Notaries from performing immigration-related matters that constitute the unauthorized practice of law.

LawSep  18,  2013  - Maine
ME House Bill 1089 - Maine H 1089 allows judge advocates and paralegals serving in Maine’s military forces to exercise the duties of a Notary for any member or spouse of the state’s military forces or the U.S. armed forces without having to be commissioned as a Maine Notary. These officers may not charge fees for the notarizations they perform.

LawSep  01,  2013  - Oregon
OR House Bill 2834 - Oregon becomes the third state to enact the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts (RULONA). HB 2834 comprehensively rewrites all of Oregon’s Notary Statutes, pulling in existing law and supplementing it with the new RULONA provisions.

RuleSep  01,  2013  - Oregon
OR Administrative Rules (RULONA) - Under the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts (RULONA) enacted by chapter 219, Oregon Laws 2013, the Oregon Secretary of State is authorized to publish administrative rules to implement the RULONA covering any provision in the RULONA, including electronic notarization. Administrative rules carry the force of law, except they do not have to be enacted by the Oregon legislature. Following a public comment period, the Oregon Secretary of State published its permanent rules to implement the RULONA on September 1, 2013.

LawAug  22,  2013  - Arizona
AZ Senate Bill 1094 - Senate Bill 1094 makes it a class 1 misdemeanor, the highest type of misdemeanor, to willfully impersonate a Notary Public. The bill also makes it a class 6 felony, the lowest type of felony, for any vendor of Notary seals to produce a seal without obtaining and retaining a copy of the Notary’s commission for 4 years.

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