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Notary Laws

Notary Law Updates By State

Use this database to find updated Notary laws and regulations in your state or jurisdiction.

Notary Law Designates Notary legislation that has become law
Notary Regulation Designates a Notary administrative regulation or rule

LawApr  02,  2014  - Alabama
AL House Bill 630 - House Bill 630 adds a $5 surcharge to the filing fee for filing a Notary bond with the probate court in Fayette County.

RuleApr  01,  2014  - Maryland
MD Administrative Regulation 122597 2013 - In regulations implementing Chapter 425 of the Maryland Laws of 2013 (HB 102), the Secretary of State raises the fees a Notary Public may charge to $4 for each notarial act performed.

RuleMar  28,  2014  - Nevada
NV Administrative Regulation R116-13 - Administrative Regulation R116-13 touches on various matters related to Notary practice. A Notary may note that a signer was “personally known” in the journal if the Notary has personal knowledge of the signer. The regulation explains how the Secretary of State will interpret the phrase “secure location” in the statute related to storing a Notary’s stamp and journal and how the Secretary will deem a document that requires the signer to provide information within blank spaces to be filled out. The regulation provides rules for fingerprinting of Notary Public commission applicants and authorizes a fee to be charged for fingerprinting. The regulation provides rules for notarizing the signature of a person unable to sign and provides the wording for a certificate of acknowledgment to be used in the circumstance. The regulation provides rules for a Notary charging a fee to perform marriages. Finally, the regulation repeals rules related to certified court reporters.

RuleMar  20,  2014  - Idaho
ID Administrative Rule (eNotarization) - Under the Idaho Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act (URPERA), standards for implementing eRecording were published effective March 20, 2014.

RuleMar  06,  2014  - Oregon
OR Administrative Rule (Commissioning Qualification) - This amended regulation clarifies that in order for one’s practice to meet the requirement for a commission under the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts Section 20, an applicant for a Notary commission must have a “practice” of conducting a course of repeated notarizations in Oregon beyond a 30-day period.

LawMar  01,  2014  - Nevada
NV Assembly Bill 74 - AB 74 puts in place a statutory framework for the registration and oversight of persons, including Notaries Public, who provide document preparation services. These services are used by individuals who for cultural, financial and other reasons cannot or choose not to hire an attorney to help them with their legal needs. The new law is meant to legitimize the proper offering of such services and also provide protections for persons who are harmed by document preparation service professionals.

RuleJan  15,  2014  - Iowa
IA Administrative Rule (eNotarization) - This administrative rule applies to certain notarized documents submitted into the Iowa judicial branches electronic document management system.

LawJan  01,  2014  - New Mexico
NM Senate Bill 107 - New Mexico enacts the Uniform Real Property Transfer on Death Act, authorizing a property owner to transfer interest in the property to a beneficiary upon the death of the owner through a Transfer on Death Deed that must be notarized and filed in the local land records.

LawJan  01,  2014  - Minnesota
MN House File 232 - House File 232 requires an individual signing a document as attorney in fact for a principal to identify him or herself as attorney in fact in the signature line by writing the signature substantially in the form provided in the statute.

LawJan  01,  2014  - Texas
TX Senate Bill 651 - Senate Bill 651 clarifies that a medical power of attorney may either be acknowledged before a Notary Public or signed in the presence of two unofficial witnesses.

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