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TX Senate Bill 2186


State: Texas
Signed: June 02, 2023

Effective: September 01, 2023
Chapter: 363

Senate Bill 2186 addresses concerns with respect to executing anatomical gift records by adding the ability to have these documents notarized, but removes the notarization requirement for online registrations.
Amends Sections 692A.005 and 692A.006 of the Health and Safety Code.
  1. Authorizes a record of donation of an anatomical gift or an amendment to or revocation of a record of donation of an anatomical to be acknowledged before a Notary.
  2. Provides that a donor or other person authorized to make an anatomical gift through an online registry does not require the gift to be notarized.

From the bill author in the bill analysis: “Current law allows persons physically unable to sign a record indicating their desire to become organ donors, or modify their donor status, to direct another person to sign on their behalf. Executing such a record, however, requires two witnesses, one of whom must be a disinterested party. This places a burden on persons with disabilities who have limited contact with persons outside their family unit. To address this, S.B. 2186 would add an alternative for a person unable to sign an anatomical gift record to execute it by having another person sign on their behalf before a notary. This would allow more persons to become organ donors.”

Read Senate Bill 2186.