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19 More States Propose Remote Notarization In 2019

New-Webcam-Resized.jpgMany states introduced new remote notarization bills this year. If passed, these bills could potentially make online notarization a reality in over half the U.S.

Lawmakers in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah and Washington have all proposed remote notarization bills in 2019.

If enacted, these states will authorize Notaries to perform notarial acts for signers using online audiovisual communication technology.

“I can’t think of a single legislative issue that has garnered more interest among the Notary community in recent years,” said Bill Anderson, NNA Vice President of Government Affairs.

At press time, Utah's bill, HB 52, has passed both chambers of the state Legislature. 10 states have enacted remote notarization laws, and five — Nevada, Minnesota, Montana, Texas and Virginia — are operational. Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee and Vermont are scheduled to come online this year. 

You can use the NNA's Notary Policy Tracker to track remote online notarization legislation in your state, and be sure to check the Notary Bulletin for the latest news and updates.

David Thun is an Associate Editor at the National Notary Association.

Additional Resources:

Model eNotarization Act of 2017



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Ardel Richter

01 Mar 2019

“I can’t think of a single legislative issue that has garnered more interest among the Notary community in recent years,” said Bill Anderson, NNA Vice President of Government Affairs. And we're all opposed, but NNA isn't. Wondering what the NNA is going to do for membership when this becomes nationwide? How many (or few) notaries working at minimum wage as employees 24/7/365 of a big bucks co. will it take to eliminate the traditional notary?

Julia B

04 Mar 2019

I'm discontinuing my notary public license. The rules become more lax but the penalties increase. Just not worth the potential legal trouble this can produce. Let someone else worry about it.

Linda Millstone

04 Mar 2019

I am not in favor of remote notarizations. How am I to verify the person whose signature I'm notarizing if I can't physically inspect their ID. How many cases of identity fraud will it take to prove that this is NOT a good idea.

Ron Mier

04 Mar 2019

Please continue business as usual until this actually becomes implemented in California. No need to become discouraged or feel uncomfortable in eventually adopting this new (potential) form of notarization. You may initially oppose this new technology but let’s wait and experience the training that will sufficiently address legal concerns, questions and issues that will have already been identified in those states currently using this technology. Perhaps you, as a notary in California, will confidently exceed expectations in using Remote Notarizations.

Mr. Oswald J. Bien-Aime

04 Mar 2019

I am in favor of remote notarizations; you have several classes of people you really can't physically touch (i.e. those with auto-immune disease, the incarcerated persons and maybe a few who might prefer non contact with the notary.) Keep in mind more has to develop before it's an actuality.

Geneva Wilkerson

04 Mar 2019

I appreciate the comments of those who see the "dark side" of this. Penalties are increasing. Not fair.

Chris Parreira

04 Mar 2019

I believe remote notarizing is a bad idea. This will lead to more fraud. How am I supposed to closely inspect their ID? This is not for me. What is going to happen with "personal appearance"? This is leading the notary business to a disaster.

Jazmin Cavillo

04 Mar 2019

**In California** You need a thumbprint whenever you have a real property transactions (Deeds, Quitclaim Deeds, Deed of Trust, P.O.A.) I wonder will they make the signor go to a live scan fingerprinting services!?!)

Matt Miller

05 Mar 2019

My name is Matt Miller, I am the organizer of Oppose AB 199 - The California Online Notary Act of 2019. AB 199 is a bill by Assemblymember Calderon that could amend current law and mandate higher notarial costs and jeopardize the careers of tens of thousands of notaries all over California. Join the growing list of organizations opposing AB 199.

Susan Cochran

07 Mar 2019

I live in Indiana and these services are not yet approved. What are the penalties in California and other states? Want to know what we might expect here....

National Notary Association

07 Mar 2019

Hello. You can use the NNA's Notary Law database to look up information about Notary laws and bills in other states:

Linda A Adams

13 Mar 2019

Susan Cochran, remote notarizations Public Law 218 was signed by the governor in April 2017. This legislation is scheduled to be phased in later in 2019. Check out this link for more information. Former Indiana notary for 4 years, prior to that Michigan notary for almost 10 years.

Jena Renee Osorio

18 Mar 2019

I live in California. If the law does pass... What technology is available to us notaries to perform virtual notarial acts?

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