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New Notary Laws

Use this database to find updated Notary laws and regulations in your state or jurisdiction.

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LegislationJan 01, 2022 - Washington
WA Senate Bill 5132 - Senate Bill 5123 allows a person to create their last will as an electronic will and to make the electronic will self-proving through notarizations by a Washington electronic records Notary Public.

LegislationJan 01, 2022 - Texas
TX Senate Bill 43 - Senate Bill 43 adds protections for “wrap mortgage loans,” one of which is that it must be closed by an attorney or title insurance company.

LegislationJan 01, 2022 - Florida
FL House Bill 121 - House Bill 121 is the first state bill to amend remote notarization provisions previously enacted in statute. HB 121 adds new rules for recordings of remote notarizations and privacy.

LegislationJan 01, 2022 - Illinois
IL Senate Bill 2664 - Senate Bill 2664 enacts comprehensive new provisions for remote notarization and electronic notarization, including requirements for mandatory education and the keeping of a journal for all notarial acts.

LegislationJan 01, 2022 - Illinois
IL House Bill 3764 - Amends the definition of "acknowledged before me" to mean that the person acknowledging appeared before the person taking the acknowledgment in a manner prescribed by the laws or regulations applicable in the place in which the acknowledgment is taken.

LegislationJan 01, 2022 - California
CA Assembly Bill 287 - Assembly Bill makes non-substantive changes to California’s statute of limitations for Notary Public bonds.

LegislationJan 01, 2022 - California
CA Senate Bill 315 - Senate Bill 315 makes changes to California’s revocable transfer on death deeds statute.

LegislationJan 01, 2022 - California
CA Assembly Bill 474 - Assembly Bill 474 makes technical changes to Government Code 8201.5.

Rule/Regulation Jan 01, 2022 - New Mexico
NM Administrative Rules (2021) - The New Mexico Secretary of State has adopted permanent rules implementing the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts (Senate Bill 12 of 2021) for notarial acts on paper and electronic records and those involving remotely located individuals (remote notarization).

Legal CaseDec 29, 2021 - California
North American Title Company, Inc. v. Gugasyan et al. - This appeals court opinion defines the scope of a California Notary Public’s “safe harbor” immunity to liability in verifying the identity of an individual appearing before the Notary to acknowledge a signature.