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New Notary Laws

Use this database to find updated Notary laws and regulations in your state or jurisdiction.

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Rule/Regulation Jan 01, 2024 - North Carolina
NC Administrative Rules (2024 -- Part 1) - The first portions of the “Phase 1” rules put out for comment last August have been adopted by the North Carolina Secretary of State, defining terms and addressing matters related to charging fees.

LegislationDec 29, 2023 - Ohio
OH Senate Bill 131 - A controversial new law would allow Notaries commissioned in other states who meet certain requirements, as specified, to obtain an Ohio Notary Public commission or Online Notary authorization.

Rule/Regulation Dec 29, 2023 - Kansas
KS Administrative Regulations (2023) - Amendments to the state of Kansas’s Notary regulations make several miscellaneous changes related to the performance of notarial and remote notarial acts.

Rule/Regulation Nov 25, 2023 - Nebraska
NE Administrative Regulations (2023) - Amended and repealed administrative rules adopted by the Nebraska Secretary of State modify the Notary commission, and Electronic and Online Notary registration procedures.

LegislationNov 17, 2023 - Illinois
IL House Bill 351 - House Bill 351 clarifies that Notaries and Electronic Notaries are not required to record in their journals notarial acts performed on certain electoral documents.

Rule/Regulation Nov 03, 2023 - Washington DC
DC Administrative Rules (2023) - The District of Columbia adopts rules to implement notarial acts for remotely located individuals, but they will not take effect until a later date determined by the Office of Notary Commissions and Authentications.

LegislationNov 01, 2023 - Oklahoma
OK Senate Bill 753 - Senate Bill 753 allows certain documents involved in a total loss insurance claim to be filed electronically instead of being notarized.

LegislationOct 30, 2023 - Arizona
AZ House Bill 2197 - House Bill 2197 provides a statutory form to make an individual’s electronic last will self-proving by having the electronic signatures of the testator and witnesses notarized.

LegislationOct 30, 2023 - Arizona
AZ Senate Bill 1291 - Senate Bill 1291 allows an adult to enter into a supported decision-making agreement that must be signed in the presence of two or more adult witnesses or a Notary Public.

Rule/Regulation Oct 21, 2023 - Vermont
VT Administrative Rules (2023) - The Vermont Secretary of State's Office of Professional Regulation has adopted rules for Notary Public continuing education.