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ND House Bill 1054


State: North Dakota
Signed: March 15, 2023

Effective: August 01, 2023
Chapter: 395

House Bill 1054 requires applicants for a Notary commission to provide all important information is gathered in the application form for a commission and adjusts the timeframe for those seeking renewal of their commissions.
Amends Section 44-06.1-20 of the North Dakota Century Code.
  1. Provides that an applicant must provide information required to apply for a commission as a Notary Public on a form prescribed by the Secretary of State.
  2. Authorizes a Notary Public to renew the commission up to 60 days before the commission's expiration date by reapplying in the same manner as required for an original commission.

According to the North Dakota Secretary of State who testified on House Bill 1054, the adjusted timeframe of allowing a Notary to renew their commission up to 60 days before the end of their current commission in House Bill 1054 “limits the amount of time a notary public must maintain two stamping devices and minimizes the time between the date of the issuance of the new bond and the actual term of the notary public commission. Often, when a notary public renews his or her commission, the current commission has not yet expired, and the new commission is not yet effective. Therefore, a notary public must use his or her current stamping device until it expires and begin using the new stamping device on the new commission start date. The 60-day timeframe limits the length of time a notary must still use the current stamping device. A new surety bond is required when a notary public renews his or her commission. The surety bond is to cover notarial acts performed during the term of the commission. If a notary public submits a renewal far in advance, the date on the surety bond is further away from what would be the actual start date of the new commission. The 60-day timeframe ensures that the date of the surety bond is closer to the start date of the commission.”

Read House Bill 1054.