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Notary Laws

Notary Law Updates By State

Use this database to find updated Notary laws and regulations in your state or jurisdiction.

Notary Legal Case Designates a legal case
Notary Executive Order Designates an executive order
Notary Law Designates legislation that has become law
Notary Regulation Designates an administrative regulation or rule

LawJun 03, 2018 - West Virginia
WV House Bill 4207 - House Bill 4207 establishes an online Notary commission application system, specifies the content of the oath an applicant must make on an application for a commission and eliminates the $1,000 "assurance" (bond, liability insurance) requirement.

LawMay 30, 2018 - South Dakota
SD House Bill 1085 - House Bill 1085 allows an individual to make an unsworn declaration under penalty of perjury instead of a sworn statement made before a Notary for certain statements made in the United States.

LawMay 18, 2018 - Utah
UT Senate Bill 188 - Senate Bill 188 enacts the Uniform Unsworn Declarations Act, allowing unsworn declarations of many types to replace sworn statements before a Notary.

LawMay 15, 2018 - Louisiana
LA Senate Bill 92 - Senate Bill 92 clarifies that the statewide examination must be held not less than twice per year and allows the Secretary of State to select when to administer it.

LawMay 12, 2018 - Utah
UT House Bill 94 - House Bill 94 enacts the Uniform Real Property Transfer on Death Act, creating a transfer on death deed that must be notarized.

LawApr 18, 2018 - Wisconsin
WI Assembly Bill 655 - Assembly Bill 655 allows an adult with a functional impairment to create a supported decision-making agreement that may be notarized.

LawApr 02, 2018 - Tennessee
TN Senate Bill 264 - Senate Bill 264 defines "supportive decision making" and provides for the creation of a supportive decision making agreement which must be either witnessed by 2 adults or acknowledged before a Notary or notarial officer.

LawApr 02, 2018 - Tennessee
TN House Bill 941 - House Bill 941 allows an adult with a disability to name a supportive decision maker to help in making life decisions in an agreement that must be signed before 2 witnesses or be acknowledged before a Notary or notarial officer.

RuleMar 05, 2018 - Arizona
AZ Administrative Rule (R18-01) - The Arizona Secretary of State has published a new administrative rule that raises the fees Arizona Notaries may charge and prescribes other requirements Notaries must follow when charging fees.

LawFeb 20, 2018 - Ohio
OH House Bill 31 - House Bill 31 repeals the online electronic notarization provisions enacted into law earlier this year.

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