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Oregon Notaries Can Now Charge $10 Fees

Oregon’s Secretary of State has revised the state’s statutes to allow Notaries to charge higher fees, increasing the allowable charge for most notarial acts to $10.

The new administrative rule raises the fees Notaries may charge for acknowledgments, verifications, signature witnessings, copy certifications and protests to $10, and for administering an oath or affirmation without a signature to $10, and removes the fees a Notary may charge for taking a deposition and for any other notarial act for which a fee is not specified.

Additionally, the Secretary of State issued an administrative rule clarifying that Notaries may accept a U.S. Passport Card as a satisfactory form of identification.

Few states allow Notaries to charge a maximum of $10, and a handful of others do not specify a maximum fee. Below is a listing of those states:

States and territories allowing $10 fees: California, Florida, Guam, Michigan, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Washington.
States and jurisdictions with no specified fees: Alaska, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Puerto Rico.

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