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How to Use Your Notary Seal Stamp

Please watch the following videos, or read these instructions carefully, to maximize the life of your stamp and to ensure its optimum performance. You'll learn how to properly use, clean and re-ink your Notary seal. Warning: Store your stamp at room temperature and keep exposed lettering away from sharp surfaces to avoid damage.

Using Your Notary Stamp

Make sure the document is on a firm, flat surface. Stamping documents on top of files, magazines or stacks of paper may result in a smudged image, which could cause the document to be rejected.

  • Place the printing surface of your stamp flat on the document — not at an angle.
  • Hold your stamp with your thumb and fingers — not the palm of your hand.
  • Quickly press and release.

The image should clearly show all the letters and numbers, the stamp border and the state seal, if included. Not recommended for onion skin or Mylar documents.

This short video shows you how to get a clear impression every time you use your Notary stamp.

Cleaning Your Stamp

Use a piece of clear tape to clean dust and dirt from the raised letter surface of your stamp. If your stamp includes a removable cover, be sure to replace the cover immediately after using your stamp.

This video demonstrates how you can quickly and easily clean your Notary stamp.

Re-Inking Your Notary Stamp

If you have a pre-inked stamp, only use an oil-based ink only when re-inking your stamp. Any other type of ink may damage your stamp and cause future impressions to bleed.

If you have a self-inking stamp, use replacement ink cartridges. This will ensure your stamp consistently delivers clean, uniform impressions every time.

The videos below show you how to re-ink both types of Notary stamps.

For more videos about how to use, clean or re-ink your Notary stamp, check out our playlist on YouTube.

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