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The Certified Signing Specialist Standards

Nov--Mag-Cover.jpgThe Certified Signing Specialist Standards are designed to benefit the entire real estate finance industry. The Standards will help lenders and the companies that hire you by enabling them to meet the demands of government regulators while offering a consistent borrower experience regardless of the lender or Signing Specialist. As a Certified Signing Specialist, it will be easier for you to get assignments from multiple companies without needing to meet multiple qualifications.

The Standards will be implemented in the coming months. Once the Signing Professionals Workgroup creates the certification process, you will need to meet or comply with the following five criteria in order to become a Certified Signing Specialist.

  • Agree to abide by the Certified Signing Specialist Code Of Conduct: The Code of Conduct includes principles, policies and practices that help Signing Specialists perform their primary function of witnessing the execution of loan and real estate documents. The Code of Conduct also address supportive duties, such as advertising services, charging and collecting fees, and demonstrating responsible conduct with contracting companies and customers.
  • Agree to follow standardized scripts: The Standards include a detailed signing script that Signing Specialists must agree to follow. The scripts include specific descriptions of the various documents in a loan package.
  • Pass an annual exam: Signing Specialists must earn a score of at least 80 percent on an annual exam, administered by an SPW-approved certification provider. The exam will consist of questions about the signing process, knowledge of loan documents, and best practices as outlined in the Code of Conduct. Training classes will be available from approved certification providers, but are not required.
  • Undergo annual background screenings: The background screening will include federal, state and local database searches.
  • Maintain Notary errors and omissions insurance: Signing Specialists will be required to maintain professional errors and omissions insurance coverage of at least $25,000.

Michael Lewis is Managing Editor at the National Notary Association.


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Deborah Marshall

08 Jul 2014

Can I verify a passport and state that the copy they made is a true copy?

Donna J. R. Conne

27 Jul 2014

STRONGLY suggest that questions involving state law INCLUDE the state in which the notary is practicing.. In California we're allowed to certify Powers of Attorney as true copies if we've compared with the original and found it so,. Since a passport falls under Federal law, very curious what situation would involve accepting a copy of a passport, even if it were certified by our Chief Executive Officer. .

16 Feb 2015

I would like to see NNA provide free training on the various types of signings, for ex: reverse mortgages, loan modification, etc.

06 Jun 2015

I also would like to see NNA provide free training on reverse mortgages etc.

06 Aug 2015

As a Mobil Notary/Certified Signing Agent is it possible that the notaries are issued a State ID or ID from the NNA since a picture was taken. This would be a great item to show to consumers as proof of ID when going to a consumers home and any other location?

11 Jan 2016

Certification test based on Signing Professionals Workgroup. You have test questions prepared by the same people who consistently try to get notaries to break the law. ie. Exhibit A (Legal Description) will be attached when we get the document back. Some things in the Notary Public Code of Professional Responsibility are in direct conflict with California Law. ie. B=Notary Journals left in a locked drawer when you leave employment. They must be surrendered the County Clerk in the County where the Notary Bond is recorded.

27 Jan 2016

I would like to see NNA provide free training on the various types of signings, for ex: reverse mortgages as well.

Gary Sund

20 Nov 2016

Do you offer training or Certification in Reverse Mortgage notarization ?

National Notary Association

21 Nov 2016

Hello Gary. We're sorry, but no, not at this time.

Darline mejia

16 Feb 2017

Hello do you offer loan signing specialist trying to get certification?

11 Oct 2017

I am a 14 year veteran and having issues with the Latest certification testing. Can you suggest any type of training for this test?

Rita Harris

09 Dec 2019

I just received my notary commission, background checked passed and everything. When I go for my loan signer certification do I need to complete another background check?

National Notary Association

10 Dec 2019

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