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TILA-RESPA Loan Closing Disclosure Documents

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Every Closing Disclosure has the essential “Closing,” “Transaction” and “Loan” details at the top of page 1.

The Disbursement Date for each loan appears on the Closing Disclosure.

Refinance loans will read “Appraised Property Value”; purchase transactions, “Sale Price.”

“Loan Terms,” “Projected Payments” and “Costs at Closing” present information previously found on the TIL and HUD-1.

Loan Terms and “Yes” and “No” answers previously found on the HUD-1, page 3.

Projected payments previously found on the TIL.

Property taxes and other charges previously found on the HUD-1, page 3.

Cash to Close previously found on the HUD-1 line 303.

Download Closing Disclosure overview in PDF format

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