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Being a Team Player in the Loan Closing Process

February 9, 2012

Some believe Signing Agents fly solo, but nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is that Signing Agents, along with several other settlement services providers, form a team whose job is to deliver coordinated services that will result in the successful closing of a residential or commercial loan transaction. Directing the team is the closing agent, who must make sure that all the players work together to achieve this single positive outcome.

Our 60-minute webinar will discuss the role Signing Agents play in the process of the closing of a loan transaction and how you can work together with closing agents to ensure picture-perfect, error-free signings every time.

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Bill Anderson, NNA V.P. of Best Practices and eNotarization, and David A. Shean, Certified Senior Escrow Officer (CSEO), Certified Escrow Instructor (CEI) and NNA-Certified Notary Signing Agent in the greater Los Angeles area, will lead the discussion.

Topics Covered:

  • How the loan closing process works and the NSA’s role in it
  • What happens to the loan documents after the NSA ships them off
  • What escrow and closing agents want and do not want NSAs to tell borrowers
  • Tips and pointers escrow and closing agents have for NSAs
  • Closing industry efforts to prevent fraud at the signing table

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