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Notary Laws

Notary Law Updates By State

Use this database to find updated Notary laws and regulations in your state or jurisdiction.

Notary Legal Case Designates a legal case
Notary Executive Order Designates an executive order
Notary Law Designates legislation that has become law
Notary Regulation Designates an administrative regulation or rule

LawJul 01, 2018 - Indiana
IN Senate Bill 539 - Senate Bill 539 comprehensively revises Indiana's Notary Public statutes effective July 1, 2018.

LawJul 01, 2018 - Washington
WA Senate Bill 5081 - Senate Bill 5081 enacts the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts (RULONA), including a new journal requirement.

LawJul 01, 2018 - Colorado
CO Senate Bill 132 - Colorado enacts the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts (RULONA), effective on July 1, 2018 (see CO Senate Bill 294, which extends the effective date).

LawJul 01, 2018 - Colorado
CO Senate Bill 294 - Senate Bill 294 changes the effective date of Senate Bill 132 (RULONA)

LawJul 01, 2018 - Texas
TX House Bill 1217 - House Bill 1217 allows Notaries to apply for an online Notary commission and perform electronic notarizations by means of audio-video communication.

LawJul 01, 2018 - Nevada
NV Assembly Bill 413 - AB 413 enacts the most substantive online electronic notarization law of any state to date that also includes provisions allowing electronic Notary to notarize electronic wills and other estate-related records.

LawFeb 20, 2018 - Ohio
OH House Bill 31 - House Bill 31 repeals the online electronic notarization provisions enacted into law earlier this year.

LawJan 01, 2018 - Wyoming
WY Senate File 105 - Wyoming enacts the Uniform Power of Attorney Act (UPOAA), allowing a principal to sign a power of attorney or direct another person to sign the power of attorney in the principal's conscious presence, granting an acknowledged power of attorney a presumption of genuineness, and providing a statutory power of attorney form.

LawJan 01, 2018 - Indiana
IN Senate Bill 505 - Indiana enacts the Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act (URPERA), allowing Notaries to use electronic signatures on electronic real property documents.

LawJan 01, 2018 - Texas
TX House Bill 995 - House Bill 995 allows a medical power of attorney to be acknowledged before a Notary or witnessed by two competent adult witnesses.

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