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WY Senate File 20


State: Wyoming
Signed: February 15, 2023

Effective: July 01, 2023
Chapter: 35


Senate File 20 removes the statutory requirement for the photograph on a driver's license and identification card to be in color.


Amends Sections 31-7-115 and 31-8-102 of the Wyoming Statutes.

  1. Repeals the requirement that a full face digital photograph of a licensee on a driver’s license be in color.
  2. Repeals the requirement that a full face digital photograph of a registrant on an identification card or digital identification card be in color.

In January 2020, the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) announced they would transition from the use of PVC driver’s licenses and identification cards to polycarbonate cards. According to WYDOT, polycarbonate ID cards are laser engraved and the material is fully fused, making them harder to counterfeit. However, the agency has reported difficulty recreating clear color photographs on the polycarbonate material. Senate File 20 removes the color photo requirement for driver’s licenses, allowing WYDOT to switch to monochromatic (black and white) images that will work better with polycarbonate licenses. The states of Alaska, New York and Vermont have all transitioned to monochromatic images on their state driver’s licenses and IDs with success.

Read Senate File 20.