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WV House Bill 4748


State: West Virginia
Signed: March 26, 2020

Effective: June 06, 2020
Chapter: 310


House Bill 4748 raises the fees non-government Notaries may charge from $5 to $10.


Amends Sections 39-4-23 and 39-4-30 of the West Virginia Code.

  1. Makes non-substantive, clarifying changes to WVC 39-4-23(e), relating to providing a clear disclaimer in advertising, as specified, that a non-attorney Notary is not authorized to practice law.
  2. Raises the fee a Notary may charge from $5 to $10 for each signature notarized, for a copy certification, and for any other notarial act.

It's always good news when Notaries are authorized to charge higher fees for the acts they perform. House Bill 4748 does just that, allowing Notaries to charge $10 per signature that they notarize and $10 for any other notarial act.

Read House Bill 4748.