WA Administrative Rules (2006)


State: Washington

Effective: November 01, 2006


Washington raises the fees Notaries may charge for their services.


Amends Section 308-30-020 of the Washington Administrative Code.

  1. Raises the maximum fee Notaries may charge for notarial acts from $5 to $10.
  2. Requires Notaries who charge for Notary services to present to each customer outside of the Notary’s office an English-language schedule of Notary fees in at least 10-point type. Note: Notaries already must post a fee schedule in their offices.
  3. Authorizes Notaries to charge actual costs to photocopy a document.
  4. Allows Notaries to charge a travel fee if the Notary and customer agree on the fee prior to the Notary commencing travel and the Notary explains to the customer that the travel fee is in addition to the fee for the notarial act.

Through the administrative rule process and not through the Washington Legislature, Notaries in Washington receive a much-deserved raise in the fees they can charge for performing a notarial act, the first raise since 1985. Washington’s fees now rank highest in the nation, alongside of California, Florida, Guam, Michigan, New Hampshire, and South Dakota.

Read the adopted administrative rules.