WA Administrative Rule (Commissioning Fee)

Notary Law Update: WA Administrative Rule (Commissioning Fee)

State: Washington


The fee for a Notary commission in Washington state has been raised to $30 by the Department of Licensing.

Signed:  June 09, 2005

Effective:  June 27, 2005

Chapter: N/A


Amends Washington Administrative Code Section 308-30-100

  1. Raises the Notary commissioning and recommissioning fee from $20 to $30.

Under RCW 42.44.190 the Director of the Department of Licensing is empowered to set the fees for a Notary commission by administrative rule. The reasons cited for the increase were an increase in workload in the Notary Public Unit, backlogs in issuing commissions, and the requirement that the Notary Public Unit be self-supporting from the revenues generated.

Read the text of the administrative rule.

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