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VA House Bill 2542


State: Virginia
Signed: March 08, 2019

Effective: July 01, 2019
Chapter: 297


Allows a parent or guardian to delegate temporary custody of a minor child for 180 days by signing and having notarized a power of attorney.


Amends Sections 3.2-100 and 63.2-1715 of, and adds Sections 20-166 and 20-167 to the Code of Virginia.

  1. Allows a parent or legal custodian of a child to delegate parental powers for not longer than 180 days through a properly executed power of attorney.
  2. Requires the signatures on the power of attorney to be acknowledged or verified before a Notary.
  3. Provides a power of attorney form for delegating parental powers.

House Bill 2542 creates a special power of attorney form for a parent or legal guardian of a minor child to relinquish parental custody and care of a child for a period of 180 days. The power of attorney must be acknowledged before a Notary or notarial officer.

Read House Bill 2542.