VA House Bill 1343


State: Virginia
Signed: March 30, 2018

Effective: July 01, 2018
Chapter: 698


House Bill 1343 allows an employer to require that an employee-Notary surrender the fee for a notarization performed during the course of the employee's employment.


Amends Section 47.1-20 of the Code of Virginia.

  1. Repeals the prior law prohibiting an employer from requiring an employee-Notary to surrender the fee for a notarial act performed during employment.
  2. Permits an employer to require that an employee-Notary surrender to the employer any fee charged, or part of any fee charged, for a notarial act that is performed during the employee's employment.

Most Notaries work for an employer and perform notarizations during their employment. Fees often are not collected for these notarizations, especially when the notarizations are performed on documents that pertain to the employer's business purposes. However, many employee-Notaries work in establishments that provide notarial services to the public for a fee. Prior law prohibited an employer from requiring an employee to surrender a fee for a notarial act performed during times of employment. House Bill 1343 repeals this provision and permits an employer to require an employee-Notary to surrender any fee charged for a notarial act.

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