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UT House Bill 328


State: Utah
Signed: March 22, 2022

Effective: May 03, 2022
Chapter: 158

House Bill corrects a pointer reference in the definition of "satisfactory evidence of identity" in UCA 46-1-2(19)(c)(i).
Amends Section 46-1-2(19)(c)(i) of the Utah Code Annotated.
  1. Clarifies that "satisfactory evidence of identity" does not include a driving privilege card under UCA 53-3-207(12) and not UCA 53-3-207(10) as formerly.
House Bill 328 makes a minor technical change that doesn't affect the sense or meaning of the definition of "satisfactory evidence of identity in Utah Code Annotated 46-1-2(19).

Read House Bill 328.