TX Senate Bill 1377

Notary Law Update: TX Senate Bill 1377

State: Texas


Senate Bill 1377 raises the fees for authentication of notarized documents from the Secretary of State and sets fees for authentication of documents to  support an application for adoption of a child.

Signed:  June 17, 2005

Effective:  September 01, 2005

Chapter: 885


Amends Texas Government Code Section 405.031

  1. Raises the fee for authentications from $10 to $15.
  2. Establishes a fee of $10 for the issuance of an apostille for use in adoption of a child from another country, and a maximum fee of $100 for all apostilles issued in connection with the adoption of one child.

Senate Bill 1377 raises the fees for authentication of notarized documents from the Secretary of State and sets fees for authentication of documents to  support an application for adoption of a child. In preparing to adopt a child from a foreign country, adoptive parents must compile an adoption dossier, a collection of specific documents that are sent to a foreign country in order to process the adoption in court. The documents needed for a dossier vary by country, but typically include financial statements, personal reference forms, personal and family medical records, and immigration papers. Many of these forms must be notarized and duly authenticated in order to be accepted by foreign officials. The maximum fee established by the new law was set to minimize the expense of obtaining individual apostilles for all the documents in the dossier, which could be prohibitively expensive for many adoptive parents.

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