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TN Administrative Rule (2023)


State: Tennessee

Effective: December 04, 2023


A new administrative rule removes legacy language in the regulation on the appearance of the Tennessee Notary seal.


Amends Section 1360-07-02-.01 of the Rules & Regulations of the State of Tennessee.

  1. No longer allows Notaries to use the descriptor “Notary Public at Large” in the official seal since no Notary could have used it after 2008.

As explained in the notice of proposed rulemaking, “Rule 1360-07-02 establishes the specific design of the notary seal that all notaries in Tennessee must use. When the Department of State promulgated Rule 1360-07-02 in 2004, some notaries were using a ‘Notary Public at Large’ stamp. The rule required the discontinuance of that stamp, but also reflected that any notary then using the ‘Notary Public at Large’ stamp could continue using such stamp through the end of the notary’s term. Notary public commissions are four-year terms, so the last use of the ‘Notary Public at Large’ stamp should have been in 2008. This proposed rule removes unnecessarv language about the use of an alternative stamp.”

Read the administrative rule.