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SC House Bill 5338


State: South Carolina
Signed: May 16, 2022

Effective: May 16, 2022
Chapter: Act No. 268

House Bill 5338 approves the Secretary of State’s electronic notarization regulations.
All South Carolina Notaries who will register to perform electronic notarizations.

Grants legislative and executive approval of the Secretary of State’s promulgation of regulations to implement the Electronic Notary Public Act in Regulation Document Number 5104.


In South Carolina, any regulations proposed by a government agency must be approved by the Legislature before they may be adopted by the agency. In late January 2022 the Secretary of State proposed regulations to implement the Electronic Notary Public Act. After a public comment period, the rules appear to be ready for final adoption. The Legislature’s action paves the way for the Secretary to publish the final rules and authorize Notaries Public to register to perform electronic notarizations in South Carolina.

A new law update on the new regulations will be posted once the Secretary of State adopts the regulations.

Read Bill 5338.