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PA Senate Bill 807


State: Pennsylvania
Signed: November 03, 2022

Effective: January 02, 2023
Chapter: Act No. 2022-154

Senate Bill 807 streamlines the process for qualifying to be a Notary Public after an application for a commission has been filed with the Department of State.

Amends Title 57 Section 321 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes.

  1. Provides that the Notary must register their official signature in the Notary Register in the prothonotary's office or the office of the recorder of deeds.
  2. Strikes the 50-cent fee for registering the Notary's official signature.
  3. Authorizes the recorder of deeds on the same day the Notary’s signature is registered to electronically transfer a copy of the official signature of the Notary to the prothonotary's office of the county where the Notary maintains an office, or alternatively, requires a hard copy of the Notary's official signature to be provided to the prothonotary's office.

Senate Bill 807 does away with the 50-cent fee for the registration of a Notary Public’s official signature. It also authorizes the “Notary Register” to be located in either the prothonotary’s office or the office of the recorder of deeds. Some counties have different offices for the recorder of deeds and prothonotary, the office that has registered the official signature of the Notary upon commissioning. This has meant Notaries must make trips to two different offices when filing their bond, commission, oath, and signature.

The bill also authorizes the electronic transfer of the official signature to the prothonotary’s office.

Read Senate Bill 807.