PA Administrative Regulation (Fees)


State: Pennsylvania
Signed: May 28, 2005

Effective: May 28, 2005
Chapter: N/A


The Secretary of the Commonwealth has adopted a new regulation to set fees for a "verification" performed by a Notary.


Amends the regulations at 4 Pa. Code § 161.1

  1. Raises the fee a Notary may charge for taking an acknowledgment from $2 to $5 for the first signature and from $1 to $2 for each additional signature.
  2. Raises the fee for executing affidavits, certifying copies of documents, and administering oaths from $2 to $5.
  3. Raises the per-page fee for taking a deposition and executing a protest from $2 to $3.
  4. Adds a new fee of $5 for “executing verifications.”

Pennsylvania’s Notary Public Law authorizes the Secretary of the Commonwealth, subject to approval from the Attorney General, to set Notary fees. The last time the fees were raised was in February, 1984. The new fee for “verifications” is for a notarial act similar in form and function to a jurat.

Read the text of the administrative rule as proposed on June 19, 2004 and adopted on May 28, 2005. The proposed regulation was adopted without any changes.