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PA Additional Notarization Waiver (2020)

Executive Order

State: Pennsylvania

Effective: April 03, 2020


The Pennsylvania Department of State obtained another waiver allowing certain additional estate-related documents to be notarized using remote notarization.


All Pennsylvania Notaries Public

  1. Allows Notaries to use audio-visual communication technology as an alternative to personal appearance for (a) powers of attorney, (b) self-executing wills, (c) temporary guardianships, (d) advance healthcare directives and powers of attorney, (e) living wills and (f) standby temporary guardianships.
  2. Clarifies that Notaries must follow all other requirements of the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts and amendments to the RULONA recently introduced in Pennsylvania.
  3. Requires Notaries who use audio-visual communication technology to perform notarial acts on these additional documents to become an approved Pennsylvania electronic Notary, use an e-Notary solution already approved by the Department that offers remote technology, and include on the notarial certificate "This notarial act involved the use of communication technology." 

The Pennsylvania Department of State has approved estate-related documents along with certain real estate transactions for the use of remote notarizations by Pennsylvania Notaries. 

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