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OR Senate Bill 199


State: Oregon
Signed: June 15, 2021

Effective: September 24, 2021
Chapter: 328

Senate Bill 199 adds a statutory form for an advance directive with a notarial certificate in case the advance directive is notarized.
Adds an as yet uncodified section to Sections 127.505 through 127.660 of the Oregon Revised Statutes.
  1. Adds a statutory form for an advance directive that may be either witnessed or signed before a Notary Public.
In Oregon, advance medical directives may be executed by the principal signing the directive in front of two witnesses or a Notary Public. Senate Bill 199 adds a statutory advance directive form with a section for the notarization, if used. The type of notarial certificate on the directive form is a signature witnessing, a notarial act authorized under ORS 194.215(8)(d).

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