OR Administrative Rules (2008)


State: Oregon

Effective: May 01, 2008


An amendment to Oregon Administrative Code Section 160-100-0210 now directs Notaries to record in the journal any ID’s expiration date, but to leave out the ID’s serial or identification number.


Amends Section 160-100-0210 of the Oregon Administrative Code.

  1. Clarifies that the Notary must enter the following information for any written ID card described in the Notary’s journal in the following order: the name of the organization that issued the ID, the type of ID and the ID’s expiration date.
  2. Strikes from the administrative rule a requirement that a Notary record in the Notary’s journal the serial or identifying number of any identification card described in the journal.

Oregon follows a similar move by the state of Texas in issuing an administrative rule expressly removing a requirement that a Notary record in the Notary’s journal the number of the ID card presented as identification for a notarial act. In its place, the amended rule requires the Notary to record the ID card’s expiration date.

The reason for this change is that ID card numbers can be readily exploited in identity crimes by sophisticated criminals. Notably, the new draft of the Model Notary Act does not advocate omitting ID numbers from the journal, because such omissions lessen the journal’s value. Rather, the new MNA takes a different approach: heightening penalties for Notaries who fail to safeguard the sensitive data in their journals.

Read the adopted administrative rules (see pages 263-264).