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OH House Bill 166


State: Ohio
Signed: July 18, 2019

Effective: October 17, 2019


House Bill 166 requires a paper printout of an electronically notarized record to be accepted by county auditor, engineer, and recorder if certified to be a true copy of the electronic record by a Notary.


Amends Ohio Revised Code Section 147.591.

  1. Requires a county auditor, engineer and recorder to accept a printed document that was executed electronically if that document contains a certificate prescribed by or substantially in the form provided in the bill.
  2. Provides a certificate, to be signed by a Notary, that attests that a paper document to which the certificate is attached and presented for record is a true, exact, and unaltered copy of the original electronic document.

House Bill 166 adds a provision requiring a county auditor, engineer or record to accept a paper printout of an electronically notarized record that is certified by a Notary to be a true copy of the electronic record. States are beginning to enact similar provisions with their remote online notarization provisions in order to expedite adoption of electronic signatures and records and to provide a way for these types of notarizations to be accepted in county offices that do not have the capability to accept electronic records.

Read House Bill 166.