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NY Senate 8006


State: New York
Signed: April 09, 2022

Effective: April 28, 2022
Chapter: 56

Senate 8006 makes a couple of pointer reference changes to statutes appearing in Executive Law 130, the statute on the commissioning of Notaries Public.
Amends Executive Law Section 130.
  1. Provides that the Secretary of State may waive the 6-month time limit for Notaries renewing their commissions after the expiration of their current term for Notaries whose induction or enlistment in the U.S. Armed Forces prevents them from reapplying on time, provided the Notary reapplies within 1 year after military discharge if the Notary had a qualifying condition as defined in Section 1 of the Verterans' Services Law (formerly Section 350 of the Executive Law).
  2. Provides the same exemption for a renewing Notary who is a discharged LGBT veteran as defined in Section 1 of the Veterans' Services Law (formerly Section 350 of the Executive Law).
Senate 8006 is a budget bill that contains the changes with respect to certain Notaries who are military veterans and reapplying for a Notary Public commission. No change in substance to the laws was made by this bill.

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