NV Assembly Bill 3


State: Nevada
Signed: February 28, 2010

Effective: February 28, 2010
Chapter: 3


AB 3 permits the monies collected for Notary education courses to be expended for the Notary education program or for any other purpose authorized by the Nevada Legislature.


Amends Section 240.018 of the Nevada Revised Statutes.

  1. Authorizes the fees collected from Notary Public training courses to be used for any purpose authorized by the Legislature.

By enacting Assembly Bill 3, the monies which were previously earmarked only for use in supporting the Nevada Notary Public training program now may be used for any other purpose authorized by the Legislature. In Nevada, the Secretary of State administers the mandatory education courses required of all first-time applicants for a commission, Notaries renewing their appointments whose commissions have expired by at least 1 year and Notaries who have been fined for failing to comply with a statute or rule in the immediately preceding 4 years. While in times of fiscal emergency committing previously designated revenues to help fund budget shortfalls is an unfortunate and necessary reality, nevertheless, it is hoped that the potential redirection of monies will not adversely affect the quality of the Nevada Notary education program.

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