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NV Administrative Regulations (2019)


State: Nevada

Effective: December 13, 2019


These rules adopted by the Nevada Secretary of State and approved by the Nevada Legislature make permanent the temporary electronic and remote online notarization rules adopted in late 2018.


Amends Chapter 240 of the Nevada Administrative Code.

  1. Adopts the temporary rules issued on December 14, 2018 in substance with only minor, technical and formatting changes.

The Nevada Secretary of State's office makes permanent the temporary regulations adopted last December regulating electronic and remote online notarizations. Under the rules for issuing temporary regulations, a state agency may promulgate rules without having them reviewed by the Nevada Legislative Council. Desiring to make these rules permanent, the formal review process was implemented and the final regulations were issued on December 13, 2019.

To read the final regulations, click Download PDF, below.