NC Senate Bill 268


State: North Carolina
Signed: June 30, 2009

Effective: June 30, 2009
Chapter: 2009-227


Senate Bill 268 eliminates the need to obtain the recommendation of a public official in North Carolina and submit the recommendation with the application for a commission if the applicant resides in a county with more than 5,250 active Notaries on record in the year of application.


Amends Section 10B-5 of the North Carolina General Statutes.

  1. Eliminates the requirement for persons applying for a Notary commission to obtain the recommendation of one publicly elected official in North Carolina and submit it with the application if the applicant will receive the oath of office from a register of deeds of a county with more than 5,250 active Notaries Public (previously 15,000) are on record on January 1 of the year of application.

Few are the states that require a Notary to obtain an official recommendation from an elected public official in order to qualify for a Notary Public commission. North Carolina is one of these states and until enactment of Senate Bill 268, an applicant residing (or working, if a nonresident) in a county with 15,000 active Notaries on record had to obtain a recommendation from a mayor, council-member, court clerk, register of deeds sheriff, etc. Senate Bill 268 will make the requirement to obtain this recommendation much less frequent. North Carolina has 100 counties and while some are sparsely populated, many have populations of Notaries that could exceed the new threshold of 5,250.

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