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NC House Bill 193


State: North Carolina
Signed: July 21, 2023

Effective: July 21, 2023
Chapter: 2023-103

House Bill 193 makes a technical correction in validating and curing temporary video notarizations performed during the COVID-19 pandemic and until North Carolina’s permanent remote electronic notarization laws take effect.
Amends Section 3(d) of Session Law 2022-54.
  1. Clarifies that any emergency video notarization completed after December 31, 2021, and before the effective date of Chapter 2022-54 shall be deemed valid and cured if such that act was performed in conformity with 10B-201 as it existed on December 31, 2021.

Statutes and laws validating and curing notarial acts in North Carolina are many and may be found in Chapter 10B and the real property section of the North Carolina General Statutes. House Bill 193 makes a correction to an amendment of Section 3(d) of Session Law 2022-54. This is not a statute codified in the North Carolina General Statutes, but the session law itself. A “session law” is a chronological compilation of a law passed by the General Assembly in a given legislative session or year. In this case, House Bill 193 amends the 54th law passed by the General Assembly in 2022 (2022:54). The actual error corrected was to replace Section 10B-200 with 10B-201, the statute containing the actual rules.

Read House Bill 193.