NC House Bill 1217


State: North Carolina
Signed: August 26, 2005

Effective: August 26, 2005
Chapter: 2005-328


 House Bill 1217 raises fees Notaries may charge.


Amends Section 10A-10 of the North Carolina General Statutes.

  1. Raises the maximum fees for an acknowledgment and for a verification or proof of execution by subscribing witness from $3 to $4 per signature.
  2. Raised the fee for an oath or affirmation from $3 to $4 per person.

While we await the Governor’s action on the comprehensive Senate Bill 671 that among its many changes will raise Notary fees from $3 to $5, House Bill 1217 was signed into law raising the fees to $4. This new law takes effect immediately. If SB 671 is also signed into law, its $5 fee would override HB 1217’s $4 fee; the latest bill signed into law always has priority.

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