MT Senate Bill 95

Notary Law Update: MT Senate Bill 95

State: Montana


Senate Bill 95 exempts a Notary seal impression made with an embosser on a document with an acknowledgment certificate from the minimum margin formatting requirements for documents submitted to the office of a county recorder as stipulated by statute.

Signed:  March 03, 2011

Effective:  October 01, 2011

Chapter: 45


Amends Section 7-4-2635 of the Montana Code Annotated

  1. Clarifies that a Notary seal impression made with an embosser is not subject to the minimum margin formatting rules for documents submitted to a county recorder containing acknowledgments. (Note: this exemption does not apply to seal images made with a rubber stamp inking seal.)

In Montana, statute requires that any document presented for recordation with a county recorder must comply with minimum margin standards as required by statute. On the first page of the document there must be a 3-inch top margin and on each successive page a 1-inch top margin. The bottom margin on all pages must be at least one inch. Side margins must be at least one-half inch on all pages. Senate Bill 95 exempts a Notary seal impression made with an embosser on a document containing a Notary’s acknowledgment certificate from these margin formatting requirements. However, Notaries who use a rubber stamp inking seal must ensure that a seal image made with the rubber stamp seal does not protrude into the margins. The bill technically applies to acknowledgments containing an embossed seal impressions, but the NNA recommends that Montana Notaries exercise care in affixing seal impressions on documents they notarize with an acknowledgment or any other notarial act. 

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