MS Administrative Rule (2017)


State: Mississippi

Effective: November 27, 2017


The Secretary of State has adopted a new regulation that relates to waiving fees.


Rule 5.10 of Title 1 Part 5 of the Mississippi Adminstrative Code.


1. Requires a Notary to waive charging a fee for notarizing applications for absentee ballots and absentee ballot envelopes.

2. Makes a non-substantive, technical change.


Rule 5.10 allows a Notary to waive or reduce fees for humanitarian or charitable reasons, but the decision remained up to the Notary. A new subsection (C) now requires Notaries to waive fees for notarizing applications for absentee ballots and absentee ballot envelopes. Mississippi, following the lead of states such as California, determined that the right to vote is so important that no voter should be charged for exercising a right to vote absentee. Mississippi is one of a few states that require notarization of applications or ballots when voting absentee.

To read the adopted administrative rule, download the PDF below.