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MO Guidance on Video-Conference Notarizations


State: Missouri

Effective: April 10, 2020


Missouri Secretary of State John Ashcroft issued guidance for implementing Governor Parson's Executive Order 20-08, permitting video-conference notarizations.


All Missouri Notaries Public.

  1. Provides procedures for registering as an Electronic Notary.
  2. Lists approved vendors authorized to provide software solutions for electronic notarization and video-conference notarization.
  3. Provides sample acknowledgment and document attestation notarial certificates for use in implementing Executive Order 20-08.

In the wake of Governor Parson issuing Executive Order 20-08, the Missouri Secretary of State has issued guidance to help Notaries temporarily perform video-conference notarizations. Most of the guidance repeats the provisions of Executive Order 20-08, but three important subjects not addressed in the Governor's Order are covered in the guidance. The first is how to become an Electronic Notary, which is required to perform temporary video-conference notarizations. The second is a list of the initial companies whose solutions are approved for use in performing notarial acts under the Governor's Order. The third is sample notarial certificate language for performing acknowledgment and document attestations by video-conference.

To read the guidance, click Download PDF, below.