MI Senate Bill 737


State: Michigan
Signed: June 19, 2018

Effective: September 18, 2018
Chapter: Public Act No. 197


Senate Bill 737 updates document recording requirements.


Amends MCL 565.201 Section 1.

  1. Prohibits a register of deeds from receiving for recording a document executed after October 29, 1937 unless: (a) the signature or mark of each person purporting to sign the document is not in black or dark blue ink, (b) the name of the Notary Public whose signature appears on the instrument appears on the same page near the Notary's signature, and (c) if the instrument or any part of it is in a language other than English, a written English translation is attached to the instrument.
  2. Makes other changes.

Michigan Senate Bill 737 is one of several bills in 2018 aimed at modernizing language and requirements in the statute regarding registers of deeds. While some of the changes in the bill will not affect Notaries and Notary Signing Agents, at least two will impact them. The first is that the law now requires the signatures of all parties to be in dark blue or black ink. The second is that the Notary's name must appear on the same page near the Notary's signature. The best and easiest way to do this is to use a stamp with the Notary's name and other information regarding the Notary's commission. However, the Notary's name also may be legibly printed or typewritten as well.

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