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MD Senate Bill 360


State: Maryland
Signed: May 30, 2021

Effective: July 01, 2021
Chapter: 649

Senate Bill 360 creates the Notary Public Fund.
Amends Section 18-103 of and adds Section 18-109 to the Annotated Code of Maryland, St. Government Article.
  1. Establishes a Notary Public Fund to support the actions of the Secretary of State in implementing, regulating, administering, and enforcing Maryland's Notary Public statutes.
  2. Provides rules for the Fund.

The Maryland Secretary of State advises that it has annually collected approximately $200,000 in fees related to notarial commissions since 2016. Under Senate Bill 360, such fees are distributed to the new Notary Public Fund rather than the State General Fund. The new Fund is established to support the implementation, regulation, administration, and enforcement of the laws governing Maryland Notaries Public.

Read Senate Bill 360.