LA Senate Bill 21


State: Louisiana
Signed: June 29, 2015

Effective: August 01, 2015
Chapter: Act No. 235


Senate Bill 21 provides for the appointment of ex-officio Notaries in Natchitoches Parish.


Amends Section 35:414 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes.

  1. Allows the Natchitoches Parish president to designate no more than 2 employees in his or her office for appointment as ex-officio Notaries.
  2. Provides that these ex-officio Notaries are limited only to administering oaths, receiving sworn statements, and executing affidavits, acknowledgments, and other documents, all limited to matters within the official functions of the office of the parish president.
  3. Clarifies that notarial services performed by ex-officio Notaries must be performed without charge and without having to post a bond.
  4. Provides that the parish president may suspend or terminate an ex officio appointment at any time, and a separation from the employ of the parish shall automatically terminate the former employee's appointment as an ex-officio Notary.

In Louisiana, the law allows for the appointment of Notaries to act on behalf of certain public entities. These Notaries are called "ex-officio" Notaries because the powers to perform notarial acts come with the position they hold. In the case of Senate Bill 21, the legislature has granted to the president of Natchioches Parish the authority to appoint no more than two employees to serve the Parish notarizing documents. The powers of these ex-officio Notaries are limited; they may not perform certain notarial acts that duly-commissioned Notaries may perform. They may administer oaths, receive sworn statements, execute affidavits and take acknowledgment only on matters within the official functions of the office of the Parish president. They also may not charge or receive fees for the notarial acts they perform.

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