LA House Bill 521


State: Louisiana
Signed: May 15, 2018

Effective: August 15, 2018
Chapter: Act No. 169


House Bill 521 authorizes coroners to appoint a deputy coroner or an assistant within their respective offices as ex officio Notaries Public.


Adds Section 35:416 to the Louisiana Revised Statutes.

  1. Authorizes each coroner to designate one deputy per shift for each office location and appoint them as ex officio Notaries Public. 
  2. Provides that each employee so appointed may, in the parish which the coroner serves, administer oaths, take affidavits and attest on affidavits on acts and instruments to which the coroner or the office of the coroner is a party, and other documents in which the coroner in his official capacity or the office of the coroner has an official interest.
  3. Requires the ex officio Notary to use the official seal of the respective coroner's office when performing notarial acts.
  4. Requires the acts of ex officio Notaries to be performed without charge or other compensation.
  5. Requires ex officio Notaries to fulfill the same bond requirement as provided by law for Notaries in the parish where the coroner serves.
  6. Requires the coroner to pay the costs of the notarial seal, bond,and fees required for filing the bond, for ex officio Notaries.
  7. Authorizes the coroner to suspend or terminate an appointment, and provides that separation from employment shall automatically terminate the powers of the ex officio Notary Public. 

Louisiana law authorizes the appointment of "ex officio" Notaries for various government entities. These ex officio Notaries typically may perform certain notarial acts for the governmental entity that employs them. HB 521 allows the coroner of each parish to designate a deputy per shift for each location as an ex officio Notary.

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