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LA House Bill 44


State: Louisiana
Signed: May 24, 2019

Effective: August 01, 2019
Chapter: Act No. 3


House Bill 44 provides for the designation of ex officio Notaries Public with certain limited authority for the De Soto Parish Police Jury.


Adds Section 417 to Title 35 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes.

  1. Authorizes the president of DeSoto Parish Police Jury to designate up to 2 employees within the office as ex officio Notaries Public.
  2. Authorizes each ex officio Notary to exercise, within his or her respective jurisdictional limits, the functions of a Notary only to administer oaths, receive sworn statements, and execute affidavits and acknowledgments, all limited to matters within the official functions of the office of the DeSoto Parish Police Jury.
  3. Provides that all acts performed by each ex officio Notary shall be performed without charge or other compensation and without the necessity of giving bond.
  4. Provides that the president of the police jury may suspend or terminate an appointment made in his office at anytime, and a separation from the employ of the parish shall automatically terminate an appointment as an ex officio Notary.

Louisiana authorizes numerous government employees to function as "ex officio" Notaries Public. The authority to perform notarial acts for these Notaries derives from their position and a specific statute providing the authorization. In the case of House Bill 44, the latest addition to the rather lengthy list of ex officio Notaries in Louisian are for employees of the DeSoto Parish Policy Jury.

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